Pets and animals of famous people

The rich and famous never stop surprising and inspiring people. Lately, many of them have taken a liking to animals thus inspiring people to take better care of animals and treat them properly.  However, these people are not all about dogs, cats and hamsters, they go for the rare, most exotic animals in the land. Are the animals cute? Yes, definitely.  In fact having a strange wild animal is trending amongst celebrities. Here is a list of pets and animals of famous people.


There have been many presidents with pets, but none was as exotic as the gray parrot named pol. At the beginning of his presidency, Jackson was known as a very violent man who was unable to control his temper. With time, however, he cooled down, learned to control his temper and even became religious. One of the things associated with this change was that he kept this pet. During his master’s funeral, Pol had to be removed from the ceremony because he continued to swear and curse both in English and in French. It is possible that pol had learned some of the abusive languages his master had spoken before he became religious. Pol lived for over40 years and was perhaps the longest friend Jackson had. Elizabeth Hurley, Gwen Stephanie and Popeye are also celebrities who have parrots.

An entire zoo

Instead of keeping a single pet, some individuals adopt an entire zoo to enjoy the pleasure of a variety of animals. Roosevelt’s children were known to have a variety of pets including a one-legged rooster, lions, zebras, parrots and even hyenas. They did have normal pets like dogs and cats, but they loved the exotic animals more. Many famous people like keeping a variety of snake species and assign pet names. In addition, the animals receive special attention and care. Many presidents encouraged their country mates to love and cherish animals both wild and domestic. Hugh heifer is yet another celebrity who has an entire mansion of wild animals as pets. He even had a full time VET. To visit a great vet, – the owner’s name is John. He has a really professional team at his veterinary clinic.


Fawn from Tim Kelley on Vimeo.

A fawn is a young deer. It is a pleasant animal that makes a great pet for different individuals. There is a young actress who co-starred with a fawn and got so used to the animal that she adopted it as a pet. She named the animal Pippin. An animal trainer suggested that the star takes the animal home and bond with it. An experience that was only supposed to last during the shooting of the film ended up being an important relationship in Hepburn’s life. Soon the duo was seen everywhere together even in the grocery stores. Pippin got a bed in her bathtub and had the freedom to walk anywhere in wanted in her vast estate. Justin Beiber, Mike Tyson and Michael Jackson also reared fawns.

Potbellied pigs

For 18 years, Clooney’s closest companion was a potbellied pig called Max who was 300 pounds. At first, he purchased the pig for her girlfriend Kelly Preston. After their breakup, he was left with the pig and had no choice but to care for it. He even joked that Max was the longest relationship of his life which lasted from 1988 to the time it died in 2006. Victoria Beckham, Milley Cyrus and Meghan Fox also have potbellied pigs as pets. Moreover, they seem to love their company. Perhaps explaining why Clooney had bought one for his girlfriend.


Presley was known to be a great music lover. He owned countless dogs, horses and cats. However, his favorite was a chimpanzee he named scatter who was just as great as he.

The chimp would pose for photos holding the guitar like Elvis and looking like he loved the music to death. However, it is rumored that the animal died of liver cirrhosis. Before its death, the chimp had acquired uncontrollable behaviors and had to be locked in a room made especially for him. Kim Kardashian and Michael Jackson also had pet chimpanzees.