Is smoking and playing football healthy

Rumors say that football players smoke. Here at wild about az cats, we bring you up to date news about the private life of famous foodball players. But that is not all. We go a step further and talk about the whole scene and where the media is focusing the most. So stay tuned.

Those rumors are actually very true because the fact is that a lot of football and soccer players smoke. Now with the introduction of eicgs, and e-liquid UK, sports persons are smoking eliquid and at least doing less harm to their body

Having said that, e-juice becomes some kind of addiction where if we smoke once, we cannot stop. There’s other types of help when it comes to quit smoking. There are nicotine patches and pills.

All in all, electronic cigarettes are not as bad. And with wild about cats blog is here to guide footballers all the way to quitting smoking. Now where there is a will, there is a way and in the UK, where sports is dominated by soccer, the FIA have been investing in quit smoking advertising. Perhaps one day, all players will be sober. Who knows

In this video we can see a manager vaping in the field of play. No respect!!